Although I was born in Joliet, Illinois, I grew up in a small town called Elwood. Elwood, being as small as it was, no more than 1,900 residents at the time, taught me quite a few things that I feel I wouldn't have learned otherwise. I learned to appreciate the slower times in life, how not everything is all hustle and bustle in life. I also learned that I am more drawn to the hustle and bustle aspect in life. Early life moved along slowly and surely, until I graduated along with 47 other classmates of mine. From there I was introduced to a little more fast paced life and instantly became attracted. Moving from a graduating class of 48 to 3,000 is a large jump, and I loved the change of environment. After a couple of years, in my junior year, I began to step into the shoes of who I am today, I learned that I had limitations and advantages to who I was. I learned that I couldn't please all. A large majority yes, but there are always those who are with you or not. I began to grow a larger and more confident voice, eventually was asked to speak at the senior awards night at my school. After high school, I moved onto college at the Illinois Institute of Art - Schaumburg. The transition really opened my eyes to the lifestyle I fell in love with. Working 16-20 hours a day was not unheard of from me when I was in college. Doing what I love doing, working with people, creating large productions, managing multiple projects, made those extremely long work days fell like they go by in minutes. Filmmaking became a perfect source to feed this drive to work on large projects and manage multiple people. Since my first film, "Plight", in Winter 2016, I fell in love with the filmmaking process and its intricacies of each production. It's been a wrap ever since.